Debconf5 DVDs


The video recordings of Debconf5 are available not only as individual files but also as video DVDs that can be played in ordinary DVD players as well as in computers with suitable hardware and software. They include menus and chapter marks for two-part sessions.

Getting the discs

There are 3 ways to get these DVDs:

Order by mail

Use this order form to buy boxed discs.

Download ISO images

Warning: Mozilla cannot download files larger than 2GB, except on 64-bit systems; neither can wget. lftp, Konqueror and cURL should work.

Download the disc images with PAL/SECAM video or with NTSC video and burn them yourself. You can also download and print the box cover design.

Build from sources

If you have a lot of CPU time and disk space to spare, and want to customise the DVDs, you can do so using the debconf5-dvd build files. However, the official images are built from high-bit-rate sources that are not available for download. You can use either those or the downloadable MPEG-1 files.


Different parts of the world use different video standards. If you want to view the DVDs on a TV, you must choose ones that are compatible with the standard it uses. This map shows which standards are used in which countries. However, if you only intend to play the DVDs on computers, this is not an issue, and I would recommend you choose the PAL/SECAM discs because they have slightly higher resolution and can use MPEG layer 2 audio which is better than Dolby Digital (AC3) at low bit rates.


These are included in the DVD menus but won't be shown by some software players.

Conference organisers
Video team
Logo and banner
DVD authoring and cover design


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