MiniDebConf Panama 2010

Videos from the MiniDebConf Panama 2010 are available in Ogg Theora+Vorbis format and have been recorded by Mauro Rosero and Luis Uribe with the assistance of some additional volunteers. Due to shortage of manpower and video hardware, not all talks were recorded. All speeches have been delivered in Spanish.

Subject Speaker Video Slides
Mantener paquetes Debian en equipo Alejandro Rios LOW PDF
Introduccion a GnuPG Fernando C. Estrada N/A PDF
Aspectos basicos de 3.0 Quilt Josue Abarca N/A PDF
Traduccion e Internacionalizacion en el Proyecto Debian Luis Uribe LOW PDF
Licenciamiento Marcelo E. Magallon LOW HTML PDF
Reportar Bugs a Debian Marcelo E. Magallon N/A HTML PDF
Propuesta de colaboracion en Hispanoamerica Hector Colina and others LOW N/A
Skolelinux Rafael Rivas LOW N/A
Involucramiento en el Software Libre Victor Ostorga N/A PDF

All videos in this page are provided under the DebConf 6 Video License.