About the mirror.accum.se file archive

Some statistics, bandwidth graphs and Load graphs for all file archive machines.


This server is a cluster of three kinds of machines:
Reliable large storage that is NFS-mounted to all the frontends and offloaders, NAS-style.
The machines behind the DNS names. Handles all incoming requests, but passes http and https requests for large files on to offloaders.
Serves http and https requests for large files, distribution cd/dvd-images, movies etc.

Disk Backends

The current disk backend is an IBM x3650 M4 server called greifswald.

Total usable space is about 700TiB.


We are using caching frontends to be able to deliver high bandwidth without having to have a disk backend that can handle the aggregated output. The cache used is mod_cache_disk_largefile, our modified version of the mod_cache_disk (previously mod_disk_cache) available in Apache HTTP Server. An XFS filesystem over striped SAS 10k/15kRPM disks is used as local storage.
Small cached file flowchart Small uncached file flowchart

For larger files (like .iso images) we use http redirects to send these off to one of the offloaders. The choice of which offloader to redirect to is done by a perl program and is cached in apache as a dbm-cached rewrite rule. To keep cache size reasonably low a certain URL is always redirected to the same offloader.

Large file redirection flowchart

The visible frontends are:


The offloaders work just as the frontends caching data locally, but they only handle a few large files. The majority of data is usually sent by the offloaders and cache re-use is high.

As a precaution against nosey users, the offloaders redirect directory indexes back to the main frontends. And as a precaution against stupid download agents we limit the max connections per IP to 10, and we always deliver data from cache if the data is cached, even if the user agent sends "Cache-control: no cache" or similar.

The current offloaders are:


All machines are reachable via both IPv4 and IPv6 and connected with 10 or 25 gigabit ethernet, external bandwidth available is 200 gigabit/s.

Current and historical bandwidth graphs for the frontends.


All mirrored content are available via HTTP, HTTPS, Rsync and FTP. We strongly recommend avoiding FTP whenever possible.


The server is known by many names. Among them:

Mirrored projects

All projects we actively mirror can be found in the /mirror directory.


If you have any questions please contact ftp-adm, and we will do our best to help you.

Mirror requests

We are happy to add download mirrors of open source projects to the mirror.accum.se file archive. All mirrored projects are available via HTTP, HTTPS and Rsync. Send us a mirror request containing: We strongly recommend projects to leverage a download redirector to make best use of mirrors, forcing users to manually select mirrors is frowned upon. Mirrorbits comes highly recommended by many projects that we mirrror.

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