DUCC-IT '10 - Italian Debian/Ubuntu miniconf

Videos from DUCC-IT '10 are available in Ogg Theora+Vorbis format, in low-bandwidth (~300 kbit/s) and high-bandwidth (~1.5 Mbit/s) versions.

Videos have been recorded by Luca Bruno with the assistance of some additional volunteers. Due to shortage of manpower and video hardware, not all talks were recorded.

All speeches have been delivered in Italian. Vignoli's talk recording is not complete because of an hardware failure just in the middle of his speech.

As a side note, both rooms had a lot of environmental noises. Thus, audio recording may be squeaky and noisy, sometimes.

When Room Event Speaker Video Slides
Sat  10:00-10:30 A2 Benvenuto e introduzione all'evento Alexjan Carraturo not recorded none
Sat  10:30-11:00 A2 Come iniziare a contribuire ad Ubuntu e a Debian L. Bruno, M. Casagrande low high PDF
Sat  11:00-13:00 A2 Traduzioni, strumenti e team di traduzione M. Casagrande, F. Ciceri low high PDF
Sat  11:00-13:00 A0 Sviluppo di Debian/Ubuntu: primi passi L. Bruno, A. Colangelo not recorded PDF
Sat  14:30-15:30 A2 Testing delle immagini ISO Ubuntu Paolo Sammicheli low high PDF
Sat  14:30-16:15 A0 Packaging, dalla creazione all'upload dei pacchetti A. Colangelo, A. Gasparini not recorded on site
Sat  15:30-16:30 A2 Come riportare e come fare il triage di un BUG L. Bruno, P. Sammicheli low high PDF 1PDF 2PDF 3
Sat  16:30-17:30 A0 Marketing e Promozione del Software Libero P. Sammicheli, I. Vignoli low high PDF 1PDF 2
Sat  17:30-18:30 A2 Debian, Ubuntu e le altre 120 distribuzioni derivate Stefano Zacchiroli low high PDF
Sun  11:00-13:00 Hacklab_PG Il ruolo delle donne nel Software Libero in Italia S. Bindelli, F. Ciceri, A. Ghisla, F. Weisghizzi low high PDF

All videos in this page are provided under the DebConf6 Video License.