LinuxTag 2005 Debian Day Talks

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2005-06-23 11:00Martin Joey SchulzeDebian Security (engl.), Debian Security (deutsch)
2005-06-23 12:00Luk ClaesInternationalisation & Localisation
2005-06-23 13:00Goswin von BrederlowDebian Archive Strucure
2005-06-23 14:00Martin Zobel-HelasThe Volatile Archive
2005-06-23 15:00Meike ReichleThe Debian Women Project
2005-06-23 16:00Enrico ZiniCDD: Current and Future
2005-06-24 12:00Yutaka NiibePorting to m32r Architecture
2005-06-24 13:00Mike WiesnerKerberos V5 mit Debian
2005-06-24 14:00Stefano ZacchiroliOCaml @ Debian
2005-06-24 15:00Andreas Tille, Florian MöllersKnowledge, Power and Free Beer
2005-06-24 16:00Hauke Goos-Habermannm23 Distribution System
(Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Germany License)
2005-06-24 17:00Michael BanckThe Ubuntu Development Model

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