Fuzzy Card Name Retrieval

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Are you sure you're where you want to be? Don't miss the spiffy card generator and the tutorial to go with it. It's infinitely better than this thing you're looking at right now. You can query on far more than just merely the name.

Fuzzy Engine

This query engine will try hard to find a match, getting fuzzier and fuzzier until it finds something. It only matches against the name though.

Just type the card you want here:

To submit the query, press this button: .

Since we use agrep for fuzzy matching, we can pull out the right card even if someone asks for a Basilisk (no such card) or Vesuvian Doppleganger (also no such card). If you know extended regular expressions, you can do much better. For example, you could find every card that matches ``Dragon'' or ``Drake'' it its name by asking for Dragon|Drake or even Dra(gon|ke) if you're really good with regular expressions. Likewise, the elven stuff could be pulled out with el[fv](en|ish).

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